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How it Works

Imagine you’re a real-estate investor. Maybe you purchase a house today and expect to sell it years from now for a nice profit - but in the mean time, you collect rent.

Think of a hedge as a way to collect rent from your portfolio. Until now, “hedging” has been a game for professional investors with sophisticated tools. TurboHedge levels the playing field. We provide professional grade tools that automatically analyze your investments and suggest an appropriate hedge to generate monthly income while simultaneously reducing your portfolio’s systemic risk.

Step 1: Input your portfolio

Tell us which stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds you currently own.

Step 2: We compute an optimal hedge tailored for your specific portfolio

Once we know a little bit about your portfolio, TurboHedge will calculate an optimal hedge using our proprietary algorithms. You can even back test our algorithm to see how it would have performed on your portfolio in the past.

Step 3: You place your trade with your existing broker

Once you've found a hedge that you like, simply place a single trade with your broker to collect your monthly income.

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Double your Savings

TurboHedge can increase your annual portfolio return by as much as 2%. This may not sound like much, but the over time 2% will double your money. Don't leave cash on the table. Use our professional grade tools to collect additional monthly income from the portfolio you already own.

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