What is WordPress software and how to create a WordPress Blog?

Directory Structure of a WordPress Blog - Example - How To Create A WordPress BlogWordPress software has been designed especially for blogging purposes. The software is well equipped with all necessary tools and flexible enough to create any kind of multi-purpose sites.

Let’s examine these tools and build a WordPress Blog from scratch at once! In 5 minutes as the wise says…

Although, before doing anything, we should familiarize ourselves with the directory structure of a WordPress Blog. I’m convinced, that we will not able avoid this step, if we want to become an expert on this field.

Let’s see the Default Directory Structure of a WordPress Blog (as a simple user):

Suppose a selected domain name as “mytrusteddomain.com” and a “blog” subdirectory. (Note: It not necessary to create one, it is suggested in the case you have had an existing content at the main directory. I have chosen this way purposefully in order to show you the results). So it will look like on your browser as follows: mybestdomain.com/blog, or /public_html/blog using e.g. Filezilla. See the screenshot on the right, and follow the description below.

Note: mytrusteddomain.com is fictional one, only example on my pages, I do not own or rent it. If you are the owner of this domain, in this case I apologize myself for using this name for educational purposes and sending traffic there.

If you open the /blog sub-directory – and WordPress has already been installed there -, you will find the following directory structure (designating only the for-user-interesting parts in this explanation):

mytrusteddomain.com/blog/wp-admin/*.*                   /The place of admin files as css/style), images, users, etc.
-“-             – ” –                /blog/wp-content/languages/*.*  /Language section: exists if you installed languages apart from English
-“-             – ” –                /blog/wp-content/plugins/*.*     /The repository of plugins ((203) 484-9879)
-“-             – ” –                /blog/wp-content/themes/*.*   /Collection of installed themes, (see this section on the menu or click here)
-“-             – ” –                /blog/wp-includes/*.*            /Contains files which handle functions, rss, important ingredients
-“-             – ” –                /blog/….                               /All other files in the Blog directory (including index.php, config.php, etc.)

Why is it important to know about it? In my opinion you can gain not lose with this information only because you will know which part belongs to where and it could be useful in the future.

Now the time has really come to create a new, superb WordPress blog!

Summarizing the knowledge you have learned from the previous chapters, let’s buy and register a domain first. If you have already done it, you may simply skip this step.

How can we check whether a given domain name is free or not available?

Domize.com - Domain Name Search Service Overview - How To Create A WordPress BlogSo…Let’s visit one of my favorite places, 956-551-3530 (a FREE and really effective Fast Domain Name Search Service) and examine whether the chosen name is still available, or taken. Let’s call the new domain as in the example above: mytrusteddomain.com. Type its name on the Search field and see the results (during typing we can see the status of the names and available extensions, it is a very huge advantage!):

Open /domize.com.

Type in the Search field: mytrusteddomain and observe the changes in the extensions!
Hovering your mouse above the extensions you may see the amounts of the registration fees per Registrar. It is it a great feature, because it helps you compare the prices ( in the case when a particular domain is not Free)!

After you have finished typing, you will see the following results:

Search results using Domize.com:

We can quietly announce: this domain name is Free at this moment (the time this page was made), so we can purchase it.

If you want to get other domains, you can easily do it with following this way.

The Blue extension means the Domain Name is still Free, so you can buy it at a Registrar Company (Hovering helps).
The Red extension means somebody has taken and owns the domain currently, and surely not willing to sell it. You can also check the date of Registration and Expiry of the domain name.
The Green extension means: however somebody has taken and owns that Domain Name currently, it is for sale at this moment. Hovering on the extension you’ll be able to see the price, too.

As you can see, you may find various offers in the Deals section of Domize.com. Check them first, of course, but do not decide at once, examine other choices – what the others offer – as well.

Next step: visiting HostGator.com:

Since we have grabbed the wished Domain name, thus we would need to find a reliable hosting company. We’ll visit /www.hostgator.com and choose the Web Hosting button above in the Menubar.

We’ll get an offer for three hosting plans:

HostGator.com WebHosting Service - Main Screen With Plans - How To Create A WordPress BlogYou can compare the plans pushing Compare Hosting Plans button:

HostGator.com WebHosting Service - Plans Comparison Chart - How To Create A WordPress Blog

My suggestion is: Baby Plan. Why? You will grow out of owning only 1 domain very soon, I suppose…

Opening an Account on HostGator: Pushing the appropriate button, you will get the following screen:

HostGator.com WebHosting Service - Opening An Account, First Step - How To Create A WordPress Blog
Supposing the domain is still Free (nobody has bought it during the ellapsed time), type in the selected domain name and add the Coupon code (“IMAKEABLOG” – $9.95 instant OFF -, or “IMAKEABLOGSITE” – 25% OFF, you will decide which one is the best for you).
HostGator can give you a discount at the beginning with its own coupon, but I’ve found my coupons to be better ones. Compare!

HostGator will make the registration process for you, so you will enjoy the progress instead of being anxious.

(In brackets: Why HostGator?
I have already tried out some hosts. If you examine the quality-service-price ratio I vote to HostGator.  However they are not the cheepest ones, the price is very affordable. They provide very high quality service. When any kind of problem has occured in connection with my hosting (technical issues!) I got answer within the shortest possible time. The answers were relevant ones, so I could easily fix the problems. They always helped me.  Their cPanel offers many opportunities.
If I want to summarize the facts: I am entirely, in 100% satisfied with them.)

HostGator WebHosting Service - Opening An Account, Step 2, Billing Information - How To Create A WordPress BlogNow let’s see the how to open an account by HostGator! After inserting the coupon codes: “IMAKEABLOG” ($0/first month, $9.95 afterwards, we will use this one now, see it above!), or “IMAKEABLOGSITE” ($7.46/mo, 25% OFF, as it could be seen on the video – Part 3): >>>

This is the part of the HostGator Site where you have to give your personal details: your Username, Password, your full Name, Address, Email, Payment details.
You will find the exact costs of the account. Depending on whether you want your domain to be registered by HostGator, or you have bought or brought your domain from an another Registrar, this cost will be included (if any).

If the plan is chosen and the registration process is completed, you will get the chance for using your cPanel. Simply Login to your account with the credentials you have got (a link leading you to your cPanel, similar to this: mytrusteddomain.com:(a number)/frontend/x3/sql/index.html) and you have given (username, password). You are there immediately. It looks like this:

Note: Because of I haven’t registered and I didn’t want to register this domain name, I’ll use my personal account – what a real one is – for this purpose. The description of the process above was only sample to show you how to begin and process with Domain Name Searching and Registration.

cPanel Log-In Screen
>>>HostGator.com cPanel From Inside - How To Create A WordPress Blog  HostGator.com cPanel LogIn Sreen - How To Create A WordPress Blog

And voila, we are there!

What is the content of the cPanel?

Everything, what you need: .
If you watch the Getting Started Wizard you will get every information about the various functions.
Don’t be afraid it, every tool can and will help you during your activity. The more you know the more effective  you will work!

What we need is 2 components at this moment:
HostGator.com cPanel - Software Services in 2012 - How To Create A WordPress BlogQuickInstall, or Fantastico DeLuxe>>>

What is the difference between them?

Basically nothing important. You can find several softwares on their install page, only some of the differ. You decide which one to use.
I usually install with QuickInstall, but it happened applying Fantastico. Because Fantastico does not exist on HostGator anymore, I’ll present the way how to create a WordPress Blog with QuickInstall.

Ok, let’s see the process!

HostGator.com cPanel - QuickInstall Welcome Screen - How To Create A WordPress Blog Choose WordPress from the menu, and open the installer. You will get the following sreens:

Step 1 – WordPress Blog Installation

HostGator.com cPanel - QuickInstall, WordPress Software Installation, Step1 - How To Create A WordPress Blog
You can see here the WordPress version No., and the install size. (It may vary depending on the date of the installation, above 3.0+ is acceptable because it can be upgraded timer-to-time).


Step 2 – WordPress Blog Installation

HostGator.com cPanel - QuickInstall, WordPress Software Installation, Step 2 - How To Create A WordPress Blog
Follow the instructions and fill in the necessary fields. Double-check the data and then push Install Now button.

Let’s see the results:

Step 3 – WordPress Blog Installation

HostGator.com cPanel - QuickInstall, WordPress Software Installation, Step 3 - How To Create A WordPress Blog

Your new WordPress site is READY!

Congratulations indeed! You are ready with the basic installation! BUT…You have to take care and aware of the following differences between Quickinstall and Fantastico installation:

Warning! BEFORE CLICKING ON THE “by going here” or “Visit site” buttons, be aware of the followings:
However the blog physically is on the place you installed, the LogIn parameters are not the same!
1. Using QuickInstall, you gave the Username, but the Password was generated for you!
2. By QuickInstall you have to create your destination directory before installation!
3. Don’t be afraid of the altering version numbers of your WordPress installation (e.g. the current is 4.1 and you’ve got 4.0), because after the installation – combined with a short upgrade – you will have the newest version of WordPress software.

So, when you visit your blog, the first thing you should do to change your password and/or username!

Here is your blog (the header pictures may vary):

(484) 274-2037 My First Blog Site - WordPress Blog - Login Screen On Post Or Page - How To Create A WordPress BlogYou will get these screens. You have the chance to Log-in just from your Main Page – called Home – at once. Click on the Log in!
My First Blog Site - A New WordPress Site, LogIn Panel, Screenshot - How To Create A WordPress Blog

Yes! You are succeded!

The following screen will appear after Logging-in:

You can begin to customize your new blog.

Click on Howdy, admin (top button on the right), and examine the options. Change your Password first!

My First Blog Site - A New Wodpress Site, Dashboard and Welcome Screen, Screenshot - How To Create A WordPress Blog

1. The email address I used was a real one during creation the site, but will not live anymore!
2. Due to the continuous technological enhancement of e.g. WordPress, HostGator and other companies, the various Dashboards, Login Screens and Layouts, etc. may vary along the passing time.

I hope I could contribute to your better understanding how to create a WordPress Blog.

Thank you for reading!

Gyula Olah electrical engineer, author, site owner
Gyula Olah
electrical engineer MSc
author, site owner



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