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Dean and Karen return with Facts & Forensics, following unexpected time away from the podcast.

This month they bring in 2018 and update us news of their agency, as well as plans in 2018 for their agency and the investigative profession.

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How Private Investigators Help Attorneys

In the world of justice, a lot of factors go into ensuring the law is properly upheld. Attorneys are obviously necessary cornerstones in the legal process, but—often—the information lawyers use to present their cases is more than meets-the-eye. That is to say, there’s a quiet group of secret-seeking professionals, hiding in the shadows and uncovering essential information attorneys need to successfully complete their clients’ cases.

These information-finding professionals are known as private investigators; they make their living uncovering facts that substantiate or invalidate people’s legal claims. Attorneys partner with private investigators for a number of reasons, including the following:





In order to prove your ex is cohabiting with a new partner in order to have your support obligation terminated or reduced under Florida law, you must prove your ex is in a supportive relationship. This begins with proving the person is cohabiting with a person to whom they are not related. This is much more difficult than it might seem.

Rarely, will the ex who is receiving alimony admit to being in a cohabitation relationship. You must prove this on your own.

Almost all legal professionals agree that the most efficient way to gather evidence to support termination of alimony is to hire a private investigator. There are some things an investigator can do for you that you cannot, or at least should not, try to do yourself.


A sign is pictured outside Nortel's Carling Campus in Ottawa


Did Industrial Espionage Hasten the Demise of Nortel?

Nortel, the former Canadian telecom giant, first filed for bankruptcy in January of 2009. By June, the company announced that it planned to sell off all business units and would not attempt to return to operations. During that time period, analysts tended to blame poor leadership and accounting scandals for the company’s problems.

These sorts of troubles did plague the company; however, industrial espionage may have contributed to the company’s failure and its reputation for not maintaining competitive leadership in the face of a rapidly evolving industry.

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Special Offer for Listeners – latest book now available!
“Investigating Death and Serious Bodily Injuries”
FALI is offering, for a limited time, our Investigating Death & Serious Bodily Injuries book, “Death and Serious Bodily Injury Investigation for the Professional Investigator,” by Dean & Karen Beers.

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Conversations with Karen

Karen joins us with two interesting topics of discussion – Is it Homicide or Suicide and Every Contact Leaves a Trace.

Every Contact Leaves a Trace 
Recently friends and colleagues ‘across the pond’ – Phil and Yin Johnson of JJ Associates International (www.jjassociatesinternational.com) – shared a video on social media, entitled “Every contact leaves a trace” by John Sutherland at TEDxLondon (/youtu.be/ibl3M4dTF2U). Mr. Sutherland is a Metro London Police officer and shares experiences we have practiced during the nearly 30-year course of our agency – truly, every contact does leave a trace and we will look for them. Most people think of forensic trace evidence; however, this was a concept of our long before we were involved in forensics.
Continued at Abraham

“Is it Homicide or Suicide – Test Your Observation Skills”
Recently a friend and colleague of ours shared a cartoon picture of a death scene on social networking. Our thanks to Tom Slovenski (Cellular Forensics – www.cellularforensics.com – SC) for sharing this thought provoking cartoon.

030 Facts & Forensics


Criminal & Civil Investigators at Trial


Conversations with Karen

Karen and Dean talk about their recent trip to Florida for the Word Association of Detectives Mid-Term Meeting. As the Administrative Manager, this was Karen’s first opportunity to meet many of the WAD members, many visiting from Europe and Asia – from England and France, to Romania and Russia, and India to Malaysia.

Special Guest with Dean

Vicki Lutz is a Colorado licensed attorney and court recognized expert on domestic violence. In a special guest segment of Facts & Forensics, Vicki shared some valuable information for investigators. Be sure and listen to the full podcast for anecdotes and actual case stories – and she shares a special article! Here is a summary of our conversation –


The Fair Credit Reporting Act and Third-Party Employment Investigations

What Employers and Investigators Need to Know

If your employees work in sensitive areas, a background check is a must for ensuring that you are not exposing your company or your clients to unnecessary risk. However, there are legal limits to what background check can reveal.

Background checks are covered under the consumer credit law known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Under this law, it is illegal for a credit reporting agency to deliver inaccurate information or to wrongfully run a credit check.

FCRA’s rules do not apply to companies who are doing background checks in-house. However, most employers do not have the resources to conduct pre-employment background checks.

029 Facts & Forensics



2016 in Review

2016 saw many things for our family and agency. In May our fourth grandchild, third grandson, Lincoln Kyle was born! His sister, Jacee Sue, is our only granddaughter and oldest grandchild. His cousins, Gage and Cash, follow Jacee by about six months. Its busy – and fun!

In September Karen celebrated being the Administrative Manager for the World Association of Detectives. WAD is a busy association of excellent international investigators covering every part of the world and need.

In April Dean was elected to be President of the National Council of Investigation & Security Services. His term is one year and will end at the next Annual Meeting / Hit the Hill event the end of March.

In October, our agency celebrated 29 years in business and Karen celebrating 21 years as a legal investigator. More important, we celebrated our 25-year anniversary together. Time sure flies!

Outlook for 2017

From NCISS, we are excited for this unique opportunity in history – in which we visit Washington DC for our annual Hit the Hill event and meeting our Representatives and Senators. This year is an important opportunity as we have a new administration, and new session of Congress. We see a new administration every 4-8 years, and a new session of Congress every two – it is not often we have both a new president and a new Congress – it has been eight years. This gives us both a new slate to work with and potential new concerns.

029 PI InSIGHT Investigations in Mexico

029 PI InSIght

Journey to Mexico with me as we speak with your best investigative contact South of the Border. Michael McHenry has spent 42 continuous years as a full time PI…. his experince includes 20 years in Alaska and seventeen years in Mexico.

Michael has served four terms elected as Director of World Assn. of Detectives. Former Chapter Chairman within ASIS,
Graduate of Arizona State University in 1969 and Former Chairman of Municipal Security Commmittee in San MIguel de Allende, Mexico

To reach Michael McHenry please visit his website, call or email.

Mexico Investigations
“We Get results In México Because We Are In México”
Tel: 52+415+152+7757

 Your host Tim O’Rourke is the Lead Corporate Investigator for The Grafton Group(TGG).  As a Tampa Private Investigator TGG provides services to businesses, law firms and the public throughout Florida.



This month I am joined by Francie Koehler who has conducted a wide range of civil and criminal investigations at both federal and state levels since 1985. Her company, Special Circumstances, based in Oakland, CA enables her to concentrate in her area of interest. Additionally she is the host of the long running show 5809270004 heard on VoiceAmerica.
Dean Beers heard on Facts and Forensic here at GIMG also joins in to discuss NCISS legislative work and 2017 as we move forward. Dean is the current president of NCISS which is considered to be the legislative voice for investigators in Washington DC